To complain about aircraft noise, leave a message on tel. 0800 344 844 or email:

What you can do

Share your thoughts, ideas and skills

Send us your ideas about campaigning against aircraft noise and environmental effects, or tell us what skills you could share by emailing us at


Become a member of EANAG to keep yourself up-to-date with current issues, give Ealing residents a stronger voice and help resource the campaigns. Find out more about joining us. EANAG is a voluntary organisation so if you also have time to contribute to campaigning or administration then please contact us at

Raise issues locally

Write or email letters to the press. Local papers include the Ealing Gazette and the Ealing Times.

Contact your local councillor and/or London Assembly member to express your views. If you are not sure who your councillor is, you can find out from the Ealing Council website. The London Assembly member for Ealing and Hillingdon is Richard Barnes (Conservative).

Tell your local residents' association about EANAG, and discuss the issues with your friends, neighbours and colleagues.

Lobby your MP, an MEP and the government

MPs use letters and emails to gauge public opinion.
Detail your concerns, your experience and how it affects other constituents. You must include your address so the MP knows you are a constituent. Ealing's MPs are:

Ealing Central and Acton - Angie Bray (Conservative)
Ealing North - Stephen Pound (Labour)
Ealing, Southall - Virendra Sharma (Labour)
If you are not sure who your MP is, you can find out here at findyourmp. 

Make your views known to the Secretary of State for Transport (Patrick McLoughlin) or the Minister of State for Transport with responsibility for aviation (Simon Burns).

Contact your MEPs. Europe produces many of the regulations relating to aircraft noise and nuisance. MEPs are elected by region - there are 8 for London. You can find out who the MEPs for your area are at the UK Office of the European Parliament.

You can find details of all your elected representatives at

Complain about noisy flights

BAA (owners of Heathrow) monitors the number of complaints they receive about noise as part of their performance report. If you have been disturbed by noise, it is important that you contact BAA with the details of the date and time of the incident. Email:
, telephone their freephone number 0800 344 844 (answerphone) or write to the: Flight Evaluation Unit, Second Floor Meridian, The Compass Centre, Nelson Road, London Heathrow Airport, Hounslow, TW6 2GW.

Record aircraft noise on your smart phone for the Heathrow Noise Map

Download the WideNoise app to your phone which will allow you to log noise and upload it to the WideNoise project to help build a communal noise map. For details, see the pocket guide. (Note: the guide refers to a four week project, but the work is now expected to run for the some years).

Travel less by air

Reducing the number of flights is key to limiting noise and environmental damage. Cut down on the number of flights you take and encourage your family, friends and colleagues to do likewise. The website 'Man in Seat Sixty-One'
provides useful advice on travelling by rail and ferry.

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