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Key Documents

About Heathrow

Heathrow airport's submission to the Davies Commission proposed three options for a third runway. EANAG responded critically.

Plane Speaking: Air and noise pollution around a growing Heathrow Airport.This is a report by the GLA's Environment Committee, published in March 2012.

BAA Flight Performance Report 2011 gives background information on Heathrow as well as performance data.

Review of Heathrow's noise mitigation schemes
A consultation held by BAA (owners of Heathrow). EANAG's response to the consultation on the noise mitigation schemes at Heathrow was made in July 2011.

Heathrow's Noise Action Plan
The EU Environmental Noise Directive stipulates that airport operators must consider the needs of residents subjected to 55 Lden of noise and above. Heathrow had to produce a Noise Action plan which sets out how noise will be managed over the next five years. It contains limited targets for observing and reporting on adherence to noise limits and responding to residentsí enquiries and complaints. It does use the 55dbaLden noise level as the base for observations, which is an improvement on previous practice. (June 2011)

Noise Implications of Ending the Cranford Agreement at Heathrow Airport
Bureau Veritas have written a report on the implications of ending the Cranford Areemment for the West London Local Authorities. [This has been temporarily removed.]

Ban on night flights at Heathrow: a quick scan social cost benefit analysis
Report commissioned by HACAN which estimates the economic benefits of banning flights before 6am at £860 million. (January 2011)

ERCD Report 1001
The Environmental Research and Consultancy Department of the CAA produced the report Noise Exposure Contours for Heathrow Airport 2009 for the DfT in March 2010. It concludes that the population within the 57 dBA contour has reduced 9% from 2008.

About aviation more generally

Night Flying Restrictions at Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted. The stage 1 consultation was issued in January 2013. EANAG's response, submitted in April 2013, can be found here. The second stage is expected later in 2013.

Developing a sustainable framework for UK aviation: scoping consultation

Government's initial consultation on the future direction of aviation policy.
EANAG's response to the scoping document was submitted in October 2011.  

The Aviation Policy Framework consultation
, the follow-up to the scoping exercise, was published in July 2012. EANAG's response can be found here. Responses from other groups have been collated by AirportWatch here,

The Government issued the Aviation Policy Framework in March 2013, which can be found here.

AEF / Airport Watch Conference (18 June 2011)
The slides from some of the presentations given at this conference can be found below, along with some notes on the event.
- Key points (John Stewart)
- Notes on the conference 
- Slides from "Economics Arguments" (Brian Ross)
- Slides from "Aviation and Climate Change: thoughts on UK policy" (Pete Lockley)
- Slides from "Airports, tourism and regional economies" (Jeremy Birch)
- Slides from "Moving on: why flying less means more for business" (Jean Leston)
- More briefing papers can be found on the AirportWatch website.

Future Airspace Strategy (Civil Aviation Strategy)
The draft airspace strategy document can be found on the CAA website. A response was submitted by EANAG's committee in February 2011. The final document is also available on the CAA website (published June 2011). 

Health and noise

The Health Protection Agency (HPA) announced in October 2012 that they are to take over some responsibilities for noise and health from the DoH. They have issued a draft workplan. This notes (p11) that "Transport noise has been linked to adverse health outcomes including annoyance, sleep quality, cardiovascular disease and rate of learning in children."

The British Medical Association (BMA) issued a report, "Healthy Transport = Healthy Lives" in July 2012 that mentions the impact of aviation noise on health.

Study by Warwick University into sleep duration. Based on the experiences of hundreds of thousands of people across eight countries, it finds that chronic short sleep increases the risk of heart disease, strokes and other conditions such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and obesity. (February 2011)

AEF reports and documents

AEF briefing papers on capacity and connectivity (November 2012)

AEF submission to the House of Commons Transport Committee inquiry on aviation strategy (October 2012)

EANAG reports and documents

EANAG newsletter - February 2012

EANAG newsletter and AGM agenda - May 2012

EANAG AGM minutes - June 2012

EANAG AGM agenda - May 2013

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