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About Us

The Ealing Aircraft Noise Action Group (EANAG) was founded over 30 years ago and has been campaigning ever since to limit the disturbance and other environmental effects of Heathrow on Ealing residents.

It is run by a committee of volunteers, who meet regularly to exchange news, discuss issues and plan campaigns. The Chair is Michael Elliott and the Secretary is Margaret Majumdar.


EANAG's aims are:
  • reduction of noise and air pollution caused by aircraft over Ealing 
  • prevention of further expansion of Heathrow
  • reduction of night flights, leading to a ban on flights between 11pm and 6am
  • fewer flights over London
How EANAG campaigns

EANAG represents the interests of Ealing residents by attending official committees and public enquiries, responding to public consultations and holding public meetings to support major campaigns. EANAG also gives advice and information to residents wishing to take action as individuals.

EANAG has a representative on the Heathrow Airport Consultative Committee (HACC), as does Ealing Council. The Committee is an advisory body that Heathrow Airport is legally obliged to arrange for Local Authorities, airport users and organisations representing those concerned about the effects of the airport on their community. Our presence at these meetings is essential as most Local Authority and Community representatives are more concerned with westerly operations, rather than the easterly operations which affect us so badly.

EANAG is affiliated to the Local Authorities Aircraft Noise Council (LAANC), an umbrella local authority organisation representing the interests of residents around Heathrow. LAANC examines all problems arising from the nuisance of aircraft noise, both in-flight and on the ground. The LAANC president is Michael Elliott (EANAG's chair), and Margaret Majumdar (EANAG's secretary) is a vice-president. There are also three representatives from Ealing Council.


EANAG was founded in 1976.

It was a major participant in the Heathrow Terminal Five Inquiry, where it produced evidence and cross-questioned witnesses on all the key topics, including noise, economics and surface access. More recently, EANAG campaigned energetically against a third runway.


The last AGM was held on Monday 25 June 2012, and the minutes can be found here

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